• January 24, 2019

Winter League – ROUND THREE

Winter League – ROUND THREE

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So the results are IN for the final round of our Winter League!!!

A MASSIVE Congratulations to our winners who have all earned themselves a super snuggly, one off TWP Winter League hoodie! 🙂
Zak Brown
Rachel Whalley
George Sparks

Megan Wyatt
Guys, we will be in touch with you all shortly to get your sizes, colour choice and names for the back print.

 Our raffle winners will be drawn and announced on SATURDAY 26th January so keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for this.


Once again, thank you all so much for taking part, it has been awesome to run the league, and to see you all progress through the rounds! Well done everyone! Scores below:

The Men

Rank Name Score
1st. Zak Brown 75
2nd. Paul Jenkins 72
3rd. Matt Lowe 68
Ben Gunn 66
Jon Parry 66
Pete Jackson 59
Rob Lewis 58
Alex Miller 58
Dave Braithwaite 56
Ben Hunt 56
Simon Dodd 52
Charlie Havell 47
Peter Streetom 47
Josh Sowden 47
Ben Sowden 46
James Beechey 42
Sam Butler 40
Ieuan Hughes 39
Christian Cotton 35
James Spiller 34
Daniel L Briglin 31
David Hsuan 30
Luke Nicholls 25
Louis Lane 22
James Bird 17
David Furrell 17
James Mitchell 17
Connor Wooton 17
Andy Whitbread 16
Dominic Tucker 13
Niall Toru 11
Sean Munday 10
Sean Toru 10
Jason Hatt 7
Adam Webb 5

The Ladies

Rank Name Score
1st. Rachel Whalley 59
2nd. Amy Hefford 52
3rd. Teigan Allen 49
Nicola Worley 39
Lisa Foster 26
Charlotte Beechey 25
Oda Holm 24
Alana Crew-gee 20
Fiona Weighll 7

Boys U16

Rank Name Score
1st. George Sparks 55
2nd. Thomas Bird 32
3rd. Gethan Butler 11

Girls U16

Rank Name Score
1st. Megan Wyatt 40
2nd. Isabelle Knapp 37
3rd. Erin Cowley 36
Yana Miteva 23
Roisin Fitzpatrick 12

Note that these are the TOTAL scores for all 3 rounds. Please ask at the desk for your score card if you want to check out how you did in each round separately.