• September 4, 2019

TWP Youth Competition

TWP Youth Competition

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TWP Youth Competition

We are hosting our first YOUTH bouldering competition on SUNDAY the 22nd September! Suitable for children from age 4 – 16(inc)

The comp will be running from 11am – 6pm and each competitor will have 3 hours to compete. Scoring will be the standard 10-7-3-1 format (10pts for a flash; 7pts for 2nd attempt; 3pts for 3rd attempt; 1pt for a top). This will be on an honesty basis.

We will be splitting the scoring into the following age categories with prizes for the top 3 in each age group: 4-7 | 8-12 | 13-16

The competition is open to all- if you are a Wall and would like to bring your coaching kids/team down then you are very welcome to do so- please get in touch with us for more details and to organise paperwork.

Score cards £5 + entry (and shoe hire if required).

We will also be running a social media comp so get those training clips posted, tag us @theweedonproject and use the Hashtag #twpyouthcomp1 (on both Facebook and Instagram) Most likes wins 🎁

Looking forward to a great day! 😎

The Weedon Project Youth Comp


All children competing will need to be registered with us and be accompanied and actively supervised by a competent adult. If you would like to attend as a group, please contact the team to request group paperwork. Otherwise you can follow the below links to register yourself and your child: